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Bathroom Trailers

Bathroom TrailersIf you’re considering bathroom trailers, why choose anything less than the very best? AMS Global is the number one provider of luxury restroom trailers that are built tough to stand the test of time. When looking at your options in bathroom trailers, stop by to see what’s new in the industry.

You’re going to love AMS Global’s Omega’s ADA Series of restroom trailers for the handicapped. The Omega 20 5ST is the most popular restroom trailer in the entire AMS fleet. Many event planners are unaware that one out of every 5 restrooms should be ADA compliant, meaning they must be accessible to people with disabilities- however you’ll find that a wide range of people prefer using ADA compliant bathroom trailers, including parents of small children who choose to accompany them to the restroom facility.

The Omega ADA 20 5ST has become the most popular product for both cities and municipalities. One of the most attractive features of this unit is that it’s built to provide 20 years of service. The Omega makes use of innovative Jets sanitation technology that is used in most of the ships at sea. It’s amazing to think that Jets toilets are wall hung and flush with less than a quart of water! Imagine what that will do as a resource saving product.

Another advantage of the Omega ADA is that it features patented AMS lowering suspension, so it can sit on the ground level for both greater safety and greater accessibility. For exceptional safety on the road during transport, the Omega restroom trailers have 16 ply tires and hydraulic disc brakes. For salty locations, the Omega has a galvanization option to protect the lifespan of their units.

If you’re looking for a significant savings over the cost of a permanent structure, you’ll find all of the AMS Global Series units offer exceptional alternatives at a fraction of the cost. If you choose to use a sewer tap with the Omega Series trailers, your trailers will never have to be pumped out. If your location does not feature a sewer tap, the trailer is able to hold up to 2,000 flushes or more in self-contained mode.

The Omega Series is just one of several options available from AMS Global sanitation solutions. Their Alpha Series features several options as well and offer the ultimate in luxury bathroom trailers. The Alpha II is their flagship model and offers the absolute best value in the industry with 2 private rooms, large porches, stainless steel hand rails, AC/heat and heavy-duty flooring. Visit to see the entire Alpha Series and see for yourself why AMS Global’s products are among the most sought-after in the industry.

We welcome you to take a virtual tour of the inside of AMS Global’s restroom trailers, check out PDFs of floor plans, specs and much more. We feel certain you’ll be a believer- AMS Global’s high quality bathroom trailers are superior in every way to other products on the market.