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Chassis-Suspensions-Jets™ and Parts

OMEGA patented 20' flat chassis

OMEGA patented kneeling (lowering) suspension

OMEGA suspension installation kit

OMEGA patented folding tongue

OMEGA 17.5 x 6.75 16 ply radials with wheel

OMEGA 4000# lowering jacks

OMEGA jack controller

OMEGA electric over hydraulic brake controller

OMEGA grey-water sump

OMEGA rotation-ally molded 250 gallon tank

OMEGA rotation-ally molded 125 gallon tank

OMEGA 10NT  Jets™Vacuumarator™

OMEGA ULTIMA™  Jets™Vacuumarator™

OMEGA 15MB   Jets™Vacuumarator™

OMEGA wall & floor mount Jets™ vacuum toilets

OMEGA Jets™ Urinals & grey-water sumps