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A green revolution in mobile sanitation

POP UP3 is a modular system for mobile toilets which uses vacuum technology. This clean, reliable technology has proven itself in aviation and shipping for years and saves up to 90% on water, both on supply and drainage. Because the foldable system can be stacked, the transport costs also decrease by 70%. A green revolution in mobile sanitation!


POP UP3 is the ideal solution for any site that needs temporary toilets. The closed drainage system is extra hygienic, so users can always count on a clean and fresh toilet. Even if the location’s water supply is limited. What a relief!

Green choice

Those who choose POP UP3 will benefit from the enormous savings on water and transport. A financially responsible and environmentally aware choice that goes perfectly with a sustainable business. This way, POP UP3 will give your corporate image a green boost.

POP UP3 at the Dutch Design Week

EINDHOVEN – October 2012. No, it isn’t a window this girl is looking through. She’s watching a clip about the POP UP3 design, presented on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. For this occasion we transformed the curve that normally holds the toilet paper into a micro-cinema. The clip shows how the POP UP3 is folded out. For the little girl, this is literally a see-through to a cleaner future.

POP UP3: moving on!

OIRSCHOT – September 2012. After the successful introduction of the vacuum toilets at several Dutch festivals this summer, Mobile Sanitary Solutions is working on further developments in the environmentally friendly POP UP3 concept. “There are so many possibilities in new applications and deployment. The huge savings on transport, water and sewage absolutely justify the high investment costs,” says general manager Peter van Overbeek. “POP UP3 has even aroused interest abroad. This is the new, green standard, I’m sure of it.”

POP UP3 flourishes on hottest Lowlands ever

BIDDINGHUIZEN – 21 August 2012. With temperatures of over 35 degrees, the Lowlands musical festival this summer was the hottest ever. The 55.000 visitors flocked to the free water points in huge numbers. Despite the enormous demand for water, 750.000 liters were saved elsewhere on the festival site. “Thanks to the 250 POP UP3 toilets, we had twenty trucks less driving to the water purification plant this year,” Eric van Eerdenburg says. “We’re allowed to pump off quite a lot of water, but we still need to dispose of sewage water with trucks every year. Thanks to POP UP3, we needed a lot less this year.”

The green heart of Lowlands and the long relationship between rental company Van Overbeek and Mojo Concerts and LOC7000 led to a first test with the vacuum toilets in 2011, at that time still without the foldable construction. According to Van Eerdenburg, the test lived up to all expectations: “The huge savings on water and transport directly benefit the festival and the environment.”

Also in 2013 Tomorrowland will go for POP UP3

BOOM – 27 July 2012. Every year, the Belgian music festival Tomorrowland strives to improve their service to visitors. “2012 was the first year we tried POP UP3, and we believe it’s a very strong and high-quality product. And that is why we will use POP UP3 toilets in 2013 again,” Jurgen Nuytemans tells us. Tomorrowland considers the higher costs of renting this system rather than chemical or traditional toilets to be completely justifiable: “You get even more in return. Better hygiene, the luxury of a restroom where you can sit down, and a highly limited water usage. These are the decisive arguments for us.”

Concert at Sea is the first to choose for POP UP3

BROUWERSDAM - 29 June 2012. Opting for POP UP3 was in fact a logical choice for Concert at Sea; being the first climate-neutral festival in the Netherlands means that it has a reputation to live up to. The organisers of Concert at Sea ordered the vacuum toilets even before the foldable concept was completely finished. “POP UP3 is a very environmental-friendly solution, and we believed in it. The promised savings of 80% on water supply, sewage water and transport were actually realised,” says Gino Spijkerman. “But POP UP3 has practical advantages as well. We now need less buffer tanks for water. We could really use the square meters that were saved this way. Furthermore, the toilets look neat, they’re easy to clean. The festival visitors truly appreciate that. Last summer we even got compliments for this on Facebook. What else do you want?”

A first for POP UP3 on Pinkpop

LANDGRAAF – 26 May 2012. By signing the pink custom-made toilet door, organiser Jan Smeets of Pinkpop confirmed his choice for POP UP3. Smeets had the scoop; Pinkpop was the first music festival in the Netherlands officially to use POP UP3. Smeets wanted to switch to a system with water-flushed toilets for a while now, but the limited water supply made this difficult. POP UP3 had the solution: “In three days we used 36,000 litres of water, that’s 250,000 litres less than usual. A tremendous improvement.” Smeets exhibited his enthusiasm when he said to a journalist at the festival: “Talk to the man behind POP UP3. Thanks to such people, we can keep improving the quality of Pinkpop and limit the sewage.” It goes without saying that we really appreciate this comment!

‘We have to drain far less waste water’

“In 2012, 250 of the 900 toilets on Lowlands came from POP UP3. This made the environmental impact considerably smaller as there was a decrease in waste water of as much as 750.000 litres. This is important for a green festival such as Lowlands.”

Organiser Lowlands festival

‘Ideal solution if the water supply is limited’

“Pinkpop has been using chemical toilets for years, because the water supply on the festival site is limited. With POP UP3, we can offer visitors extra quality and we are left with enough water for the audience and the catering.”

Festival director Pinkpop

‘POP UP3 saves on all fronts’

“POP UP3 costs a bit more than chemical or traditional toilets, but amply compensates for this with the enormous savings on water and the high quality. We were soon convinced this was only a logical choice to make.”

Tomorrowland (Belgium)

‘Compliments on Facebook’

“A visitor of the festival posted a picture of POP UP3 on Facebook and wrote the comment: ‘Concert at Sea 2012, the cleanest toilets of all festivals!’ You can’t get a better compliment than that.”

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Cleaner with less


POP UP3 uses approx. 0,8 litres of water per flushing, compared to 6 to 10 litres (in a traditional system with flushing tank. Savings that yield higher quality and lower costs.

Better hygiene

The vacuum technology sucks the toilet’s contents with great force, not leaving behind any traces or odors. Because it needs less water to flush, the system is never overburdened; POP UP3 can easily be used every minute.

After each visit, innovative nozzles flush the toilet with water which is gushed through at high pressure. Because the feces are grinded, there is also less chance of blocking. Cleaning the drainage system is done quickly and tidily on a distant location, thus preventing the spread of unpleasant odors. This way, POP UP3 encourages your visitors to keep using your toilets.

Less water

POP UP3 yields double savings: the supply of water decreases with 90%, thereby also reducing the amount of sewage water. In the first six months that POP UP3 has been used, the system saved at least 4.000 m3. That is equivalent to the average water use of 23 households.


Three times more compact

One POP UP3 contains three vacuum technology based toilets each. These units are folded into each other according to a crafty method, resulting in an easily transportable package. As these can be stacked, a single truck can transport 99 toilets. This is almost three times as many compared to traditional mobile toilet units.
Setting up, cleaning and breaking down is extremely easy.

Stackable, meaning quick deliveries

Saving 70% of all transport is not only a good thing for the environment. Another great advantage is that your mobile toilets can arrive at the intended location three times as fast. Even in areas that are difficult to reach, because the compact system can be transported so easily. This is crucial in emergencies, but also very convenient in other cases.

You can’t go greener

Because POP UP3 saves at least six litres of water during every usage, the amount of sewage water is also reduced with 90%. This means that not only the amount of sewage water pumped to the treatment plants decreases radically, but so do the transport costs.

You can’t go greener with your sanitation!


Deployable everywhere in the world

POP UP3 is the ideal solution for every place on the planet where temporary sanitation is needed. Even if the water supply is limited. Among other things, POP UP3 can be deployed for:

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Military missions
  • Building sites
  • Happenings at unusual (outside) locations
  • Music festivals
  • Events
  • Extra capacity for stadiums or sport centers
  • Fair buildings

POP UP3 offers countless possibilities and we are happy to investigate new opportunities with you. If you need more information please get in touch with:

MSS International B.V.