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Restroom Trailer

Restroom TrailerAre you looking for a restroom trailer that can outperform all of the competition out there? You’re going to love AMS Global’s innovative sanitation solutions. Built tough to stand the test of what time can throw at them, AMS’ restroom trailers are an exceptional alternative to a permanent building.

Are you struggling to stay within budget and looking for ways to cut costs without compromising on anything along the way? If you haven’t considered what a high quality restroom trailer could do for your project, we invite you to visit to see the newest products on the market. Consider the following luxury restroom trailer options before you make your final decision on your purchase:

- AMS Global's Brute Solar Operating Restroom Trailer units are the most technologically advanced systems you can buy today- hands down. Just take a look at a few of the amazing features of the Brute Solar Series to see how they can make a big difference in your application:

- Radius doors with obscure windows
- Each tactical unit can run on on-board tanks use city water and pump direct to sewer. This restroom trailer or skid toilet can even pump its own tanks out!
- All tactical restroom and trailer lights are LED rated at 30 years continuous burn
- Standard skids & trailers require only 20amps @ 110AC
- All metal and composite construction- wood is never a consideration in construction.
- AMS Global Military Restrooms and Shower Skids

The Brute Solar Series is the proven top choice with first responders for these reasons, among numerous others. Standard in each military restroom trailer are patented Jets Vacuum toilets that flush on less than a quart of water. You’ll find the toilets in most of the ships out at sea today. All waste is forced through Jets’ patented Vacuumarator pump to liquify solids to make them more manageable. You’ll get a lot for your money when you purchase a Brute Solar Unit!

AMS Global’s Advanced Performance Series trailers are built tough to outlast and outperform all other competing products in today’s industry. Advanced Performance units offer an estimated 20 year life expectancy and are manufactured of metal and composite. Visit to see a complete list of standard features that come with each Advanced Performance Unit- many of which are considered extras by other companies.

Do you require financing for your restroom trailer? Oakmont Capital Services is dedicated to meeting the needs of AMS Global’s clients, financing both new and used equipment up to $300,000. If you own a business in an industry that would benefit from owning a product manufactured by AMS Global, OCS can work with you toward 100% financing with no money down on a unit.

For more information, feel free to go online to or with questions, call 800-789-1212. You’ll get the instant help you need from a specialist who is able to recommend the right product for your needs. Get more for your money with a luxury restroom trailer from AMS Global.