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Restroom Trailers For Sale

Restroom Trailers For SaleFinding the right restroom trailers for sale requires a bit of research and understanding into what makes a great product. If you’re looking to save money on an upcoming project and have been thinking about purchasing a restroom trailer instead of building a permanent structure, make sure you thoroughly check out the manufacturing process of the company you plan to buy from.

AMS Global’s portable restroom trailers are a quality alternative to a new build, and can provide 20 years of service to your location. Consider their Alpha Mobile Solutions restroom trailers for sale The Alpha Series from AMS Global offers extremely luxury and sophistication coupled with long-life and durability that will protect your investment. Take a closer look at the Alpha line:

- Alpha II, the company’s flagship model, is unquestionably the best value on the market today. The Alpha II features two private rooms, large porch areas, durable stainless hand rails, air conditioning and heat and heavy duty flooring. The Alpha II is equipped with a fresh water tank that holds 125 gallons, along with a taste tank that holds 370 gallons and yields over 1,100 flushes!

- Alpha III is the perfect solution for just about any event, from weddings and parties to VIP area solutions, fundraisers and more. Features 1 private  men’s and 2 private women’s rooms, capable of accommodating crowds of up to 300 people for 6-8 hours. The Alpha III will allow 1,500 flushes and is equipped with a 125 gallon fresh water tank.

- The Alpha V has been referred to as the ultimate crowd pleaser, able to satisfy large crowds with both style and comfort. When looking at restroom trailers for sale, this unit should be considered as the best choice for crowd sizes up to 500 guests or more for a length of 8 hours. The Alpha V features five individual private rooms with 2 men’s and 3 women’s, able to yield 2,600 flushes and is equipped with a 250 fresh water tank.

- The Alpha X Public is an extremely popular product and offers a solution to many different applications. This is a public style men’s and women’s layout that features 3 toilets/3 urinals on the men’s side and 4 toilets on the women’s side. This unit is able to accommodate large crowds by featuring doors on both sides.

The Alpha Series is one of several affordable product lines available from AMS Global. To see their complete list of restroom trailers for sale, visit and check out their Omega Series, their Advanced Performance Series, their Solar Operated Series and APF Shower Trailers and Locker Trailers.

You won’t find a line of products manufactured to the same quality and durability regardless of where you look. AMS Global is dedicated to providing luxury, high performance restroom trailers for sale that stand the test of time and typically provide a 20 year lifespan.

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