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Will the USA in 2017 follow Pinkpop (the Netherlands), Parookville (Germany), Rock Werchter (Belgium) Sweden Rock (Sweden), F1 Silverstone GB (UK), Defcon.1 and the Denmark Race event in utilizing Sanitrax equipment - the worlds first and only patent pending, retractable, containerized mobile restroom unit, housing multiple self-contained toilets that rely on proven vacuum flush technology. A technology that saves up to 90% of the water used by conventional gravity flushing toilets.


For more information on our reference projects /  events please look at Sanitrax @facebook with reference projects

Sanitrax was founded in 2013. Our company offers a variety of products - toilets, urinals, washbasin and showers - all based on the same and multifunctional retractable concept. Environmentally friendly in every aspect, super easy to clean and maintain, fully customizable to our customer needs. We are regarded by the market as the most hygienic temporary restroom facility currently available, all built within a very strong galvanized durable containerized concept. Our products are specifically designed for events, festivals, fairs, humanitarian aid and military mission; places where for a temporary period a huge amount of visitors are in need for sanitary facilities.

And this summer we introduced our latest product the  VIPLOO; A spacious, VIP quality customizable and modular sanitary unit. An ideal and fast way to provide high quality sanitation on your location.

Since our incorporation we have regarded the world as our marketplace. We are constantly looking for partners and customers who want to distinguish themselves with a unique product portfolio with respect to restroom offerings. We believe that the features of our concept offer our customers a real value add with respect to:

  • Modular concept; toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers
  • Strong and sustainable design; galvanized frame & ABS doors
  • Fully customizable
  • Simple, safe & economic transport and loading
  • Reduced CO2 footprint; efficient transport of equipment, water & sewage
  • Forklift pockets on all sides
  • Quick on-site connection
  • Flexible on-site placement possibilities
  • Proven vacuum technology powered by JetsTM
  • 90% reduction on water usage compared to regular toilets
  • 90% reduction on wastewater output compared to regular toilet
  • Complete and comfortable design
  • Hygienic “one form” corner free interior design
  • Designed for fast and easy cleaning
  • LED lighted interior saves power
  • High-end equipment for high capacity needs
  • No dangerous steps to get in the stall

Please find hereunder a reference to our latest brochures and a reference to one of our youtube video’s

Sanitax website

Sanitrax promo movie

Preview YouTube video Sanitrax Sanitary Concept


The world's first and only patent pending, retractable, containerized mobile restroom unit, housing multiple self-contained toilets that rely on proven vacuum flush technology. A technology that saves up to 90% of the water used by conventional gravity flushing toilets.

Environmentally friendly in every aspect, SANITRAX uses only 0.8 litres of water per flush, compared to as much as 15 litres in a conventional toilet and 6-8 litres in high efficiency fresh water flushing toilets.

The drainage system of each SANITRAX unit is a closed system from toilet bowl, to pump, to sewage connection or temporary holding tank. The vacuum system inducts fresh air into each stall with every flush; resulting in a virtually odourless experience and the most hygienic operation available.

The 'built in' shipping container is specifically designed for easy and economical transport possibilities. Every four feet of the truckbed can accommodate two SANITRAX units, thus six individual toilets. Concluding that an 53” trailer can load 26 SANITRAX units thus 78 individual toilets

No special tools are required! The small containerized SANITRAX units make set up quick and simple and their arrangement highly flexible; no matter the site logistics. The galvanized heavy forklift proof frame and ISO standard corner fittings make the SANITRAX very easy to transport and maneuver with a forklift or crane for unloading, placing, leveling and loading.

Operators are less limited with the placement of these units compared to normal gravity toilets. Now the sewage lines and even the toilet units can be placed on slightly uneven surfaces.

The luxurious modern SANITRAX units have designer doors, which are shaped ergonomically and functionally so that sunlight enters the toilet stall and makes optimum ventilation possible. The raised door profile allows guests and organizers to determine at a glance which units are clean, vacant or occupied and provides added security so that the possibility of vandalism and nefarious uses are reduced.

Extremely smooth interior walls and with no “90” degree corners and seamless flooring prevents dirt and waste from collecting and makes the SANITRAX unit the easiest to clean portable toilet available on the market today. Both the interior and exterior are quickly and conveniently cleaned with a common household pressure washer.

 Each unit comes complete with standard equipped extra large toilet paper holder, a vanity mirror, a coat hook and a built in waste bin.

Even with limited fresh and waste water facilities available on site, SANITRAX allows event organizers to provide dependable, high volume sanitation facilities to their visitors, each and every time.
SANITRAX international offers FREE technical support to owner operators in every aspect of operation. Operators can be factory trained by qualified SANITRAX personnel and service contracts for yearly preventive maintenance are available and recommended. SANITRAX also offers a referral service through our website to help customers worldwide find the SANITRAX units they are looking for.

SANITRAX units represent a huge competitive advantage over your competition; whether you are an event organizer or a portable restroom operator. SANITRAX is the next level in clean, quiet, comfortable and attractively designed portable sanitation.




Forklift pockets on both sides for easy maneuvering on site


Strong and durable design with iso corner fittings on all sides. Stacking on your yard up to 4 high.


Placement needs no special tools. All parts are enclosed in the unit itself and thus promptly usable.


Hygienic one form corner free interior design, designed for easy cleaning and chique looks. Tried and trusted vacuum technology.


High standard toilets where high capacity is needed. Complete and comfortable design.


Led lighted interior. Durable and energy saving!


Easily up scalable! Connect more and more Sanitrax units to each other. Quick connection on site and flexible placement possibilities.


Easy to stack on yard. Up to 4 units high. Saves costly square meters.