6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets

Combo Restroom Skid

The 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets by AMS Global is an innovative and efficient sanitation solution designed to meet the needs of diverse environments. This cutting-edge product combines advanced vacuum flush technology with a compact, durable design, making it ideal for locations where traditional plumbing is not feasible or efficient. The 6-Pack Skid system includes six individual vacuum flush toilets mounted on a single skid, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.

Each toilet in the 6-Pack Skid system is equipped with a powerful vacuum flush mechanism that uses minimal water while providing superior waste removal. This technology not only conserves water but also reduces the frequency of waste removal, making the system environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The vacuum flush system is highly efficient, requiring less maintenance and offering reliable performance even in high-usage scenarios. This makes the 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets an excellent choice for remote work sites, construction areas, event venues, and disaster relief operations where sanitation is critical.

AMS Global has engineered the 6-Pack Skid system with durability and ease of use in mind. The skid-mounted design allows for easy transport and quick setup, ensuring that the system can be deployed rapidly in any location. The robust construction of the toilets and skid ensures they can withstand harsh environments and heavy usage, providing a reliable sanitation solution wherever needed. Additionally, the compact design of the 6-Pack Skid system means it occupies minimal space, making it an ideal solution for sites with limited available area.

One of the standout features of the 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets is its user-friendly design. Each toilet is designed with comfort and accessibility in mind, featuring ergonomic seating and intuitive operation. The system is also easy to clean and maintain, with components designed for quick access and straightforward servicing. This ensures that the toilets remain hygienic and operational at all times, providing a pleasant user experience.

The 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets also offer significant cost savings over traditional portable toilets and restroom trailers. The efficiency of the vacuum flush system reduces water and waste disposal costs, while the durable design minimizes the need for repairs and replacements. Furthermore, the quick setup and portability of the skid system reduce labor and transportation expenses, making it a highly economical choice for any organization.

AMS Global is committed to providing high-quality sanitation solutions, and the 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets are a testament to this commitment. Each system is built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that customers receive a product that performs consistently in even the most challenging conditions. With the 6-Pack Skid system, AMS Global delivers a comprehensive sanitation solution that meets the needs of modern, mobile, and remote operations.

In summary, the 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets by AMS Global offers an unmatched combination of efficiency, durability, and convenience. Its advanced vacuum flush technology, coupled with a robust and compact design, makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Whether for remote job sites, event venues, or emergency response situations, the 6-Pack Skid system provides a reliable and cost-effective sanitation solution. By choosing AMS Global 6-Pack Skid: Vac-Flush Toilets, organizations can ensure they have the best possible facilities to meet their sanitation needs, enhancing both operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

The 6-Pack Skid Features

  • Porcelain wall hung fixtures & mirrors
  • Rubber coin over epoxy steel flooring
  • Jets CVS Toilets and greywater injector
  • Vacuum shut off and water valves
  • Ducted ventilation Obscure skylights in radius doors
  • Vandal resistant pebble finished wall panels
  • Double foil radiant barrier insulation
  • Led 50,000 hr LED lighting with aux. 12 volt inlet/outlet
  • Automatic body sensing lighting and occupancy indicator
  • All metal and composite construction
  • Forklift pockets all sides
  • 4 ISO bottom corners
  • 1 .75 mm Push pipe female vacuum connection
  • 1 1.25″ camlock female water connections
  • Optional Hose and duct connection kit available
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