Combo Restroom & Shower Skids

Combo Restroom Skid

A combo restroom skid unit offers a convenient way to add a shower to any restroom space. These units come fully equipped with everything needed for a refreshing shower: a sleek enclosure and installed plumbing fixtures. Some even have added features like ergonomic seating and grab bars for comfort and safety. With easy installation, these units transform any space into a clean and relaxing area.

Restroom shower skid units are efficient and innovative, providing many benefits over restroom shower trailers. They make great use of space and fit into even the smallest areas. Unlike mobile units, skid units are permanent fixtures. Once installed, they stay put, offering reliable access to showers without the need for repeated setup or relocation. This saves time and effort while ensuring consistency.

Installing these units is quick and easy, often causing minimal disruption. They can be customized to meet specific needs, from adjusting dimensions to adding luxury features. Built with durable materials, skid units are sturdy and long-lasting, unlike shower trailers that can get damaged during transport. Skid units stand up to time, weather, and wear, making them highly reliable.

Designed with the user in mind, these units optimize every aspect of the shower experience. The enclosures are both attractive and functional, providing privacy and security. The plumbing ensures consistent water flow. Features like ergonomic seating and grab bars enhance comfort and safety, making them ideal for various environments, from commercial buildings to remote work sites.

Installing restroom shower skid units is simple and quick, often taking only a few hours. This is a major advantage over traditional showers, which can be time-consuming and disruptive to install. Skid units come pre-assembled with all components included, making installation as easy as connecting to existing plumbing and electrical systems. This makes them perfect for emergency situations, offering much-needed shower facilities quickly in disaster relief areas or temporary housing.

These units offer unmatched customization. They can be tailored to specific needs and preferences, with options for different sizes, layouts, and features. This flexibility makes them suitable for various applications, from luxury hotels to military bases. They can also be designed to meet specific accessibility requirements, ensuring everyone can enjoy a refreshing shower.

Durability is another key benefit of restroom shower skid units. Made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, they withstand daily use. Unlike shower trailers, which can get damaged during transport and setup, skid units stay in place once installed. This reduces wear and tear, ensuring reliable service for years. Their robust construction also means they can withstand harsh weather, making them perfect for outdoor installations.

In conclusion, restroom shower skid units are the best in modern shower solutions. They offer convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Their compact design, easy installation, and customizable features make them ideal for many applications, from commercial buildings to remote work sites. Their durability and permanence ensure they provide reliable service for years, making them a smart investment. Whether upgrading existing facilities or providing amenities in temporary settings, restroom shower skid units are versatile and dependable solutions sure to meet your needs.

Combo Restroom Skid Features

  • Porcelain wall hung fixtures
  • 15,000 BTU ac unit with 5500 watts heat
  • 2 Bosch Tronic 3000 T 7-Gallon Water heaters
  • Stainless Steel napkin dispenser. Soap disp. & mirror
  • Rubber coin over epoxy steel flooring
  • 4 36×36 Shower pans with metered faucets
  • Hot water & mixing valve
  • Obscure skylights in radius doors
  • Vandal resistant pebble finished wall panels
  • Double foil radiant barrier insulation
  • Led 50,000 hr LED lighting
  • Automatic body sensing lighting
  • Occupancy indicator deadbolts
  • All metal and composite construction
  • Forklift pockets on back 4 four hook wall hangers
  • Stainless steel soap holders
  • 3″ SCH 40 PVC stub out for waste connection
  • 1″ SCH 40 PVC stub out water connection
  • 1500 watt Broan room heaters optional

Download the restroom skid options here

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