Omega Solar Restroom Trailers

AMS Global’s Brute series restroom skids are the most advanced in our world today. It does not take long when you start adding up AMS restroom skids features to recognize that obvious fact. Below is a partial list of reasons AMS Global restroom , toilet trailers and skids can make such a claim.

.Jets™ Vacuum toilets are standard in each military skid toilet and restroom trailer. These are the same toilets that are in over 50% of the ships in the oceans today. Each toilet flushes on less than a quart of water. All waste go through Jets™ patented Vacuumarator™ pump which liquefies all solids. There solid reliability has led to many other commercial uses such as trains like Amtrak and even in prisons and universities.

  • Radius doors with obscure windows.
  • Each tactical unit can run on on-board tanks use city water and pump direct to sewer. This restroom trailer or skid toilet can even pump its own tanks out!
  • All tactical restroom and trailer lights are LED rated at 30 years continuous burn.
  • Standard skids & trailers require only 20amps @ 110AC..
  • All metal and composite construction – NO WOOD!
  • AMS Global Military Restrooms and Shower Skids

Download the restroom skid options here

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