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The Jets™ Vacuum toilet system flushing.

Standard Equipment in all AMS Global Restroom Trailers


Restroom Trailers- OM 20 ADA 5ST

Handicapped Restroom Trailer Omega AMS Global

Restroom Trailers - OM 20 ADA 3ST   Solar Operation Omega



Omega Restroom Trailer Chassis

Aluminium Hybrid Restroom Trailers

Restroom Trailers - OM 20 ADA 3STS   Omega

Third generation vacuum toilet systems by Jets™

Jets™ Plumbing in Omega Restroom Trailers

Shower Trailers & Laundry Trailers

- APF 30 6S 2WD

Jets™ Plumbing in Action

Jets™Toilets for Large Venues

Jets™ saves 2 million liters of water for Sweden Rock Festival - Extended Version

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AMS Global Skid Restroom, Restroom Trailer & Shower Trailer Gallery

AMS Global Omega OM 20 10RS


Other Photo Album Links for AMS Global  Restroom Trailers:


APF 16 3ST                                   Echo Bay Marina 

APF 30 6S 2WD              Alabama Baptist Relief  

APF 12 4ST  WB                                  Padre Island

APF Centurion 30 5S 6T 3U          Comfort Zone

APF 28 4S 5T 3U                               Oswego I.S.D.

APF 20 4S 2WD                                  FAA Showers

APF 20 3STS RST                         Boston Fire One

APF 30 4S 20LC                                     3M  Seattle 

OM 20 10 RS                                        Pearl Harbor 

OM 20 10ST                         San Francisco Giants 

OM 20 ADA 2STS                  Homeland Security 

OM 20 ADA 3STS                American Red Cross 

OM 20 10T RS        Prestige Loos New Zealand  

OM 12 4st                           Avenue B Productions 

OM 20 ADA 2ST           Veterans Memorial Park  

OM 20 ADA 5ST                   City of New Bedford  

PF 1SS                      Dupont Emergency Shower  

San Francisco Int.   Airport  Solar Skid Toilets 

AMS Global        Restroom Trailers & Features