Comfort Isle Touchless Hand Wash Stations are built go the distance.

In our effort to help fight the Covid-19 Pandemic, and improve hygiene for schools, universities, parks, medical facilities & outdoor events all of us at AMS Global Inc. are excited to introduce the only 8 station municipal, self contained, touchless Hand Wash Station in North America.

Touchless Hand Wash Station

Unit Highlights Include

  • 125 Gallon of Fresh & 125 Gallon Grey Water Storage Capacity
  • 8 sinks with privacy dividers
  • Vandal Resistant Full length mirrors on both sides
  • Can be directly connected to city water or sewer
  • Entirely Self Contained
  • Solar Powered with a AC Power Option
  • Motion activated interior Lighting for use at nighttime events
  • Touchless soap dispensers
  • Vandal Resistant Trash Receptacles & Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Vandal Resistant Metered Faucets
  • Get up to 600 Handwashes before needing drained or re-filled!
  • All Steel and Composite Construction
  • Can Operate with Vacuum Pump Systems
  • Optional Metered Hot Water & AC Power Available